About Me

I gew up in Nottingham, England, and for as long as I can remember, I have been interested in movement and dance, starting lessons in Ballroom and Latin when I was around 8. When Saturday Night Fever came along, too young to see the film, but I learned all the dance moves in class. My childhood dream was to be a dance teacher and I loved showing my friends the steps, it was very satisfying when they picked it up. Moving through my teens, I progressed to Jazz Ballet, Aerobics and Step.

Over the years, my interests broadened to include weight training as a way of keeping fit. Friends often asked for my advice, and for me it was a natural progression to want to gain formal qualifications so I could pass on my enthusiasm and energy on a professional level.

Over a dozen years ago I moved North to live in Edinburgh to enjoy the hills, the beaches, and its wonderful and diverse culture and history.

Over the last 10 years I have studied a number of fields to allow me to offer what I feel is a truly holistic approach to Personal Training and client well-being. Along the way I have met some very positive and motivational people and I take what I have learned to inspire and motivate others.

I am now continuing my personal adventure in Adelaide, Australia to enjoy different beaches and hills and probably a little more sunshine, bringing with me the joy of fitness and wellbeing to pass on.

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