A Kettlebell is a cast iron weight that resembles a cannonball with a handle. Unlike dumbbells, a kettlebell's gravity is offset, meaning your entire body needs to work harder as you go through the moves.

Using explosive power and momentum you can build up the tempo of a kettlebell session, and, by combining movements, flowing from one to another, you can really get a high energy workout in a short space of time, giving you a great cardio calorie blast, toning and strengthening your entire body and core.

The after effects of this type of training can raise your bodies’ calorie burning capabilities for hours afterwards.

History of Kettlebells

The traditional kettlebell, known as Gira in Russian weighs 1 Pood or approx 16kg. In the 1700s, this was used to measure out quantities of grains and goods on balance scales.

As Russian farmers began working with them, they became a favoured fitness tool, with their popularity spreading with the first kettlebell competition held in Russia in 1948, later becoming their national sport.
Soon Russian power lifters were not the only ones using them and the entire Olympic team, military and special forces began training with them too.

In recent times, it's Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries who have dominated the use of kettlebells for physical training and competition.
We are now starting to appreciate what the Russians have known for many years, that kettlebells are a great piece of kit for anyone who wants a full-body training method which can be used to develop all aspects of fitness.

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