January 2022

New Year, New Training Gear
My focus has always been to make training fun, effective and motivating.

It’s also important for me to have variety in exercise challenges, and with that in mind, I’ve taken delivery of some great new kit, including new plyo boxes for the awesome outdoor training area, weight vests, speed ladders, battle ropes, and powerbags.

If the summer heat is a bit much in the garden, then there’s always the large air conditioned hall to train in.

Call me on 0416618119 to book your free taster training session, or drop me an email me at (Click here)

March 2020

Personal Training :: Small Group Training
72 Malvern Avenue, Malvern, (Off Unley Road) Adelaide

The Train Station studio will be temporarily closed for indoor training from Monday 23rd March 2020 in line with the announcement from the Prime Minister.

However, I’m very lucky to have a large private outdoor grass area to train 1 on 1 personal training in accordance with Government directive. Social distancing will be observed as well as strict hygiene practices.

Also, I will be using Zoom to live stream free 30-40 minute workouts, using little or no gym kit so we can still meet up to train in virtual groups.

The first fun/free class will be Monday 30th April in the style of my studio Fighting Fit Class. All you will need is a mat and a couple of light dumbbells. The classes will be a general level fitness class, though note you are partaking at your own risk.

Call me, Tyla on 0416618119 or (Click here) to email me.

April 2015

Personal Training :: Small Group Training
72 Malvern Avenue, Malvern, (Off Unley Road) Adelaide

New class timetable:
  • Monday 7pm: Boxercise - Punch your way to a perfect physique

  • Tuesday 7:30pm: Retro Step - Using the new Reebok Step Deck, with retro moves, upbeat tunes and a whole lot more

  • Wednesday 7:30pm: Kettlebell Blast - Great energy mix of strength and cardio

  • Thursday 7pm: Kick/Boxercise - Punch and kick your way to a perfect physique

All classes run for 55 minutes. Classes designed to suit all levels. Maximum of 12 people per class (except Retro Step, max 6)
Casual $20 or a pack of 5 for $75

Call Tyla on 0416618119 for info and to book (Click here) to ask me more.

March 2015

New Classes from 12th March:
I’m excited to announce I will be starting Boxercise classes at The Train Station in Unley.

Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm.

Using the latest in functional training kit, inc. TRX, Rip Trainer, Kettlebells, Sandbells, Powerbags, plus of course, gloves, pads and kick-pads, for a mixture of cardio, core and strength training.

Boxercise combines boxing and exercise in a great stress-busting activity to suit everyone who wants to enjoy boxing training without getting hurt.

Above all, classes are always fun, energetic and effective.

Punch your way to a perfect physique

Call me on 0416 618 119 or (Click here) to ask me more.

February 2015

New kit just arrived
I’ve just taken delivery of a great bit of kit called a battle rope. It’s surprisingly hard and great cardio, plus it’s really gets the core working too. There are so many different ways to use it. The main thing though, is, it’s really fun. Get in touch and come along and try it out.

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November 2014

I’m very excited to be moving in to my new personal training premises in Unley. I have taken over the old Malvern Scout Hall, at 72 Malvern Avenue, so lots of great space to train, both indoors and out. Really looking forward to getting started and training clients old and new, plus there will be some group classes starting next year.

Contact me to ask about a free consult and taster session to see how personal training can work for you. (Click here)

April 2014

It might be getting cooler outside, but we can soon warm up by moving faster and getting a good energy training session done. Perfect weather now, I feel to get outside and get moving, get walking or jogging. The Train Station has both indoor and an outdoor covered space for great energy training with lots of fun functional training kit.

New kit just arrived:
This month I have taken delivery of a full set of medicine balls, plus an Olympic bar bell and discs. Classic old style training that’s making a comeback as it works. You can’t beat weighted squats and deadlifts for great legs, plus medicine ball boxers twist and V up for core work.

New testimonial now added
Simon: Tyla is a young woman with a great sense of humor and experience in fitness for all ages. My wife found her and I was given a tryout in January 2014. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea as I am 53 years old. However, she soon had me hooked with her vibrant and forever changing morning sessions...
(Click here for more...)

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March 2014

When I arrived in Adelaide, I was told about Mad March. So much to do and see, festivals, shows, sports events, concerts, how are you going to fit everything in? Having a few pieces for a home gym might be the answer. A few basics like a kettlebell, a mat, a swiss ball and a stretch band might be all that you need to get started. It’s finding what suits and is fun for you to do. Get in touch and try a free consult and taster session to get started with a few ideas

New testimonial now added
Peter: I have been training with Tyla since November last year and it has been a fantastic experience her positive and professional approach to personal fitness has been instrumental to my recovery in my personal journey back to optimum health...
(Click here for more...)

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February 2014

The summer is getting warmer, but here at The Train Station, we have the fans on and the outdoor studio has overhead cover. though it's great to get up bright and early and get a training session in kicking the day off to a great start.

There are still some early morning session times available, so get in touch to find out more (Click here)

I am getting busier, but I still had time to help one of my clients find a boxing station for her own home gym. Have a look at (or click here)
and click like for more training and nutritional ideas

New testimonials now added
Catherine: Tyla is fabulous at what she does. I loath the thought of exercise, have put on lots of weight and had become very unfit. In only three weeks Tyla has changed my whole attitude toward fitness and healthy eating. Astonishingly she has found ways to get me to work hard and enjoy it...
(Click here for more...)

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January 2014

In my studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, I had a pull-up/chin up bar fitted. There wasn’t a good place for it here, so I have bought a Power Tower which has a pull up/chin up bar, a captains chair for abs. and dip station.

A pull up or chin up is quite a challenging exercise and I have brought with me great stretch bands to help get the technique just right and get the strength built up. I’ve been playing with this new bit of kit and have found that it’s a great attachment for my TRX suspension trainer and TRX Rip trainer. A great basic bit of kit for functional training.

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December 2013

I’m really happy to finally take delivery of my training gear and get everything set up in my studio space, The Train Station on King William Road in Unley.

Have a look on my studio facebook page (or click here)

and click like for training ideas and challenges.

It wasn’t long before my first clients were trying out the new kit, the TRX, Kettlebells, Powerbags and Boxercise are a great success.

New testimonials now added
Julie: Amazing workout today, thank you Tyla! Not just exercise- motivation and encouragement to make the changes I need to be healthier and happier.... (Click here for more...)

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November 2013

Life Truly is a Beach
My studio gear has now arrived in Adelaide. All it has to do is clear customs and then I can take delivery at my new studio space called THE TRAIN STATION on King William Road in Unley.
It’s all been wrapped in brown paper, so it will feel like an early Christmas for me. I love training with a variety of kit, keeping it fun and effective.

Mind you, not having kit is no excuse not to train. You can go with bodyweight only exercises or how about a single kettlebell.
These are readily available from some major stores in Adelaide.
I had brought along my trusty TRX with me. A great bit of kit, so many exercises you can do with it, from stretching to high impact strength and cardio work.

New testimonials now added
Gemma Hay (Head teacher) Tyla was a huge inspiration who was as invested in my success as I was. Highly motivational training sessions supported by texts in between certainly kept me on track...
(Click here for more...)

Lisa Wedgwood (Restaurant Owner) I had never set foot in to a gym before but after I reached 30 I wanted to stay slim, getting married was also a motivation in itself!! After two years with Tyla, I couldn’t be happier with my figure, my health and general attitude to fitness…
(Click here for more...)

Tim Mills (Consultant) I needed 2 things from a PT, Flexibility and Variety. Basically I’m disorganized and have a shifting work schedule, I enjoy training but don’t want to think about developing a programme and I get bored if I’m doing the same thing all the time…
(Click here for more...)

Lauren Dynes (Consultant) I was introduced to Tyla by a friend. I first started attending Tyla’s Boxercise class and bootcamp on a weekly basis and loved every minute…
(Click here for more...)

Click here to contact me to ask about a free consult and taster session. (Click here)

October 2013

Settling in Down Under
Adelaide is quite a change from Edinburgh, loving the weather already, although running a boot camp in the snow can be really great fun.

This week I took my Australian Apply first Aid and CPR course, passing with 100% despite having to newly learn about lots of biting and venomous things that I should be aware of. My new running shoes will certainly come in handy for a quick getaway.

Today, I joined Australian Fitness (Register of Exercise Professionals) transferring my membership of UK REPs (Advanced level 4), taking my first fitness qualifications in 2004. (Click here for full list of qualifications)

So, if you are thinking about personal training, be it to get fitter, run a mile or a marathon, lose fat, gain muscle, I can help.

For me it’s not just about the exercise, though I guarantee that you will enjoy the sessions and want to get the extra homework training in; it’s also about getting great nutrition, and by that I don’t mean expensive supplements, but eating real food; and thirdly it’s the mind-set, more than just a matter of will-power, which can be both for positive and negative, but finding the long term do-able strategies to get you to your goals and surpass them. Click here to contact me to ask about a free consult and taster session. (Click here)

New testimonials now added
Jane: (Teacher)I have reached my goal weight, am a lot fitter, have a better diet, loads of energy and no longer suffer from regular headaches. My skin is better and I've had to buy a new wardrobe of clothes! This is all down to Tyla's encouragement and support... (Click here for more...)

Leigh: (Private banking) Four years ago I had finally had enough of feeling tired, lethargic and lumpy and knew that a personal trainer was the only way I would feel comfortable exercising. Previous forays in to the gym or to organised classes had not gone well as I felt self conscious and uncomfortable exercising in public. Still nervous I turned up for my first session and was immediately convinced I had made the right decision. Tyla's sessions were fun from the start, she always seemed to know just how hard to push me... (Click here for more...)

September 2013

Life’s a Beach Bootcamp - Edinburgh, Scotland
On a sunny Sunday, 1st September I ran my last blast Fighting Fit Boot-camp for my lovely clients in Edinburgh. I titled it “Life’s a Beach” and we had some great costumes including grass skirts and sarongs. Lindsay wore a bikini, over her training gear, well it is Edinburgh and even though we were running around, it was a brisk day. We had buckets of sand, water filled blow up rings and dolphins, beach balls (med balls) wave making with battling ropes, boat poses, crocodiles, spider(man) press-ups to name a few, plus fun and games at the end. Not forgetting, all Boot camp attendees were offered one of my special home-made healthy (although a bit calorific) chocolate cookies. The session was for an hour and a half, so we did burn through plenty of calories. I have put up some pictures on my Facebook page. Also, somewhere in there is my cookie recipe, listed on a previous boot camp update. (Click here for Facebook page)

It’s all change from mid September as I will be off to Adelaide, Australia, to be a personal trainer in the sunshine. I’m taking some kit with me on the plane with me including a TRX, stretch bands, skipping ropes, Sandbells (they will need to be re-filled), a swiss ball (and pump), plus boxing gloves and pads. I think these are great bits of kit and will keep me busy, whilst I wait for my container filled with the rest of my studio gear to arrive. (To find out more about personal training in Adelaide, please click here)

New testimonials now added
Glynis (Osteopath): Tyla is an extremely skilled personal trainer. She has worked with me to help to re-establish and maintain my personal fitness. She has friendly and considerate nature which meant that while pushing me to exert myself she maintained a good working relationship with me. (Click here for more...)

Samantha (Banking): I initially met Tyla when I booked an appointment for a massage to ease shoulder and neck tension. The massage went so well that I returned every month for the next three years. During the course of the massage, Tyla and I would chat and got to know each other well. I found her outlook in life extremely uplifting and very motivational. (Click here for more...)

Eileen (retired): I have been so pleased with the results achieved so far - I did not think I could actually enjoy exercise again at my age, 60+. Tyla always kept you motivated and took a personal interest in your development. (Click here for more...)

Tricia (professor of Midwifery- retired): Post-operative, unfit, a crinklie and feeling past it, I needed someone, somewhere to exercise under supervision without the stares of the young and beautiful. Tyla Wilson's mini gym is perfect, a private space with masses of equipment, and despite its small size plenty of room to have a full workout. The best part is Tyla - she can devise exercises at the drop of a hat for the ageing body (this week, oooh my back, next week, poor knees) (Click here for more...)

August 2013
Edinburgh has had a great summer this year, making outdoor training much more fun. Instead of donning rainproof wear, I got extra supplies of sun block for my clients whilst training out the back of my studio in the old dry dock on the Shore of Leith.

From up North to Down South
August was the last month for me in Edinburgh as I’m moving to Adelaide, Australia to be a personal trainer over there. It’s been a busy month, focusing on clients’ goals and how they will be continuing their training. From Adelaide, I will be updating my Facebook fan page on a weekly basis with exercise ideas and challenges, nutrition and menu tips. (Click here for Facebook page)

New testimonials now added
Stewart (Retired): I was originally introduced to Tyla by my Osteopath. One of the best decisions of my life! I am 69 years old, and retired, and over a period of time Tyla has managed to "persuade" me to become much fitter, and, to eat more healthily. (Click here for more...)

Sarah (Teacher and Artist): I met Tyla motivating a bootcamp in the park on a Sunday morning. She was immediately warm, embracing and enthusiastic and my husband and I joined her merry gang. I needed more tlc and joined her for 2 blocks of personal training because I sought more focus and weight loss. (Click here for more...)

Chin (Doctor): I have been training with Tyla for over a year now. I saw Tyla's website by chance and not looked back since. My goals were to maintain lean muscle, strengthen core muscles without getting too bulky and calories burning. I discussed my aim with Tyla in my first meeting and knew straight way that Tyla could help me achieve the aims. In my opinion, Tyla is very professional, courteous, enthusiastic and last but not least, patient. (Click here for more...)

Carole (Actuary): I have been training with Tyla for over 2 years now and I can honestly say her influence on my life has been transformational. (Click here for more...)

Mar 2013 - Busy Month
New Testimonial
Caroline - Signing up with Tyla has literally been life changing for me. Years of trying to cope with a hectic lifestyle (full time job, semi pro musician, sitting exams, etc) meant that exercise and nutrition were always the things I'd neglect as there were always 'more important things' to attend to. (Click here for more...)

New Kit to jump on and off again…
I have just put together my new plyometric boxes from Again Faster. Plyometrics, also known as “jump training” or “plyos” was first developed in the 80’s by a Russian scientist to increase Soviet athletes’ explosive speed and power in track and field events. Apart from that, they are really good fun. If you would like to find out more plus have a free taster session using the boxes and all the other functional fitness toys I have then please get in touch. (Click here)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
March saw me qualify as a practitioner coach in NLP. I believe it takes three things to succeed in your health and fitness goals: the right mindset, great training that you want to do and healthy eating that you enjoy. NLP is a study of how we think and communicate, with ourselves and with others, and of how we can use this to get the results we want. First of all though, it’s knowing what we want and addressing any limiting beliefs we have. By looking at what drives us to behave a certain way that could be stopping us from achieving, we can work out how to change it.
The mind is a powerful thing and can leads us to self sabotage our goals with, for example, emotional eating “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford.

Sports First Aid
March also saw me also update my sports first aid and injury management. CPR on a resuscitation Annie is not the most fun of things to do, but better to get the skills practiced, a thing which I feel everyone should have a go at. It could and does save lives.

Feb 2013
New Qualifications
February saw me gain my Level 4 Diploma qualification as a specialist in exercise and nutritional interventions for obesity and diabetes. It isn’t just about calories in and calories out. It’s so much more than that. I can help if you are struggling with your weight and have tried diets to no great effect. Get in touch and we can chat through how I can help. (Click here)

New Testimonial now added
Eve - This review is long overdue as I Tyla is the most fantastic trainer! Really helped me on my way to get my life together, you can tell she really cares about the person you are. Really wonderful!!
(Click here for more reviews)

Jan 2013 - New Year
New Qualifications
This month I’ve updated my Level 3 award specialising in designing Pre and Post natal exercise programs.

New Mums
I have trained a number of new mums, helping them get their pre pregnancy fitness back and more. Click here to read about Wilma and Karen…
(Click here to read about Wilma and Karen…)

Oct 2012
Punch, scream and kick your way to a perfect physique
Fighting Fit Bootcamp Starting Sunday 21st Oct

Not just any Bootcamp... Using the lastest in functional training equipment inc. TRX, Rip Trainer, Kettlebells, plus Kick/Boxercise pads and gloves and run drills for a mixture of cardio and strength training.
Click for more

New Toys to Play With
October saw the arrival of some great new kit in my 1 to 1 studio Therapie by the Shore area of Leith
(Click here for information about Thérapie)

I’ve now got a fab now have a set of Sandbells® from Hyperwear USA. I bought the bells and filled them myself with sand bought from Argos, not as some of my clients have said, Portobello beach. The sand came wet, so I had to take a week to dry it out on trays before filling the bells. Almost as exciting as watching paint dry. They are such good fun though. Come try them out if you like :-)

(Click here for information about SandBell®)

Plus, I’ve just got my 'The Lebert Equalizer Bars' and 'The Lebert Buddy System'

I saw these two portable rails being used on a website and knew that they would make a great addition to the kit in my studio. You can use them to do dips, press-ups – incline and decline, plus hanging ab crunches to name a few.

(Click here for information about The Lebert Equalizer™)

Whilst I was on the Lebert website, I saw the Buddy Sytem . It’s like suspension training, only you work with your partner. I really think this is great fun and very effective, really hitting the core.

(Click here for information about Lebert Buddy System™)

All my new equipment is great for functional fitness and core strength. Please get in touch if you would like a personal training consultation plus a free taster session to try them out.

Click here to get in touch.

May 2012
Punch, scream and kick your way to a perfect physique
Fighting Fit Bootcamp
Starting Sunday 13th May

Not just any Bootcamp... Using the lastest in functional training equipment inc. TRX, Rip Trainer, Kettlebells, plus Kick/Boxercise pads and gloves and run drills for a mixture of cardio and strength training.
Click for more

I now have a fantastic Powerplate at my 1 to 1 studio, Therapie, by the shore area of Leith. (Click here for information about Thérapie)

With Powerplate Acceleration Training, you can perform an unlimited range of exercises and stretches on a vibrating plate at an intensity level to suit you.

If you would like to have a personal training consultation and a free taster session please get in touch.

April 2012
New Testimonials now added

If you want to change your body shape for the better and re-programme your brain towards a healthier way of life- then get in touch with Tyla Wilson. ....
Click for more

New Toys to Play With
April saw the arrival of some great new kit in my 1 to 1 studio Therapie by the Shore area of Leith (Click here for map) I’ve now got a fab set of Kettlebells from 3k to 16k, a set of Clubbells, plus a new TRX Rip trainer. All great for functional fitness and core strength. Please get in tough if you would like a personal training consultation plus a free taster session to try them out. Click Here To get In Touch

February 2012
New Testimonials now added

Couldn't have done it without Tyla, Last June i was faced with the problem that my daughter who was 13 announced she wanted to go on a diet, she is a very tall child measuring 5'7 in height and size 8 shoe size she however was always overweight....
Click for more

December 2011
Winter fun is here

Here in Edinburgh, the outdoor ice rink has been set near the Christmas markets in the Princess street gardens.
Ice skating is great fun plus has the added bonus of health and fitness benefits. ‘Whether you hope to improve balance, strengthen leg muscles or gain nimbler footwork, it's time to get your skates on!’
Click For More

November 2011
Food Diaries

Studies show that keeping a food dairy, can help double weight loss.

Faddy diets do not work, nor does starving yourself all day and eating a huge meal at night.

A healthy diet is full of variety and rich in fruit and vegetables, with limited amounts of fats and sugars, ideally eaten in small amounts spread evenly over the day.

Food is one of the joys of life and taking the fun of this away will only make you miserable. So, if you want to eat some ice cream or chocolate, then why not occasionally eat a small amount of the very best and make it a treat.

An old, but true saying, “you are what you eat” and by keeping a food diary we can see how we can change things to boost your energy levels and help you achieve your fitness and weight goals.

As part of your initial consultation, we will look into your diet and how we can realistically make changes to help you achieve your goals.

Book now for your free consultation Contact Form

Here’s a free website and mobile apps that can help make calorie counting and food tracking easy

Click to visit

Curb your sweet tooth

Mounting evidence suggests that too much sugar in the diet can speed up the ageing process of the skin. Click for more

October 2011
Muffins can be Healthy….

Thanks to John for kindly giving me Anita Beans book on food for fitness, I have spent one Sunday afternoon in a healthy muffin bakefest. 12 each of Oat apple muffins (oats provide slow release energy) Chocolate muffins (according to Anita these are fully permitted on a sport diet due to their low fat content) and Oat carrot and walnut muffins (my adaption of the apple muffins) Here's one of the recipes...
Oat Apple Muffins (makes 12)

175g self-raising flour (half wholemeal half white)
125g oats
125g brown sugar
½ tsp salt
4 tbsp oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
1large egg
250ml skimmed milk
125 grated apples

Basically mix dry good, then wet goods, then all together, then divide into 12 muffin cases and bake for approx 20 minutes at 190c

September 2011
Exercise has so many fantastic benefits, including

  • It boosts your energy levels
  • Weight management
  • Helps to reduce stress and release tension
  • Reduced risk of Coronary Heart Disease
  • It improves your circulation
  • Reduces high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes
  • Helps maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Increased levels of High Density Lipoproteins ( good blood fats)
  • Raised levels of self esteem

So what are you waiting for?
During your initial free consultation, we will look into your past and present levels of exercise and fitness, and what you are looking to achieve. This information will help me to design an individual training plan to focus on your goals.
Contact me to book your FREE initial consultation: Contact Form

August 2011
Walking: Get out there, its Summer, at last.

I have recently read that surveys have shown walking to be Britains most popular sport.
The summer is here in Edinburgh and with the festival due to start, it’s a great excuse to get out there and see all the open air entertainment on the Royal mile. For a little more exertion, there is always Arthurs’ seat, a fab get away from it all in the centre of the city. I also love to go hill walking, though the list of Munros I have ‘bagged’ is still rather short.
New Testimonial now added:

Tyla has been fantastic! I've lost over 2 stones and regained my zest for life due to her motivational skills, enthusiasm and sense of fun. Highly recommend her! Click for more

July 2011
Follow the 80/20 Rule:

I have been given a book to read called The Food Doctor Everyday Diet by Ian Marber. It’s a good read and says many things that I have been telling my clients for some time. I believe that we should have a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle that is sustainable and fits in with our hectic schedules. Going on and off diets have been shown not to work.
One of my favourite principles in the book is the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself a treat every so often without feeling guilty. If it’s going to be chocolate for example, then make it a small bar of the best organic dark chocolate that can get.

New Testimonial now added:

If you are looking for an excellent personal trainer who will motivate you and ensure you get really great results , then Tyla is definitely the trainer for you!... Click for more

June 2011

Mainly egg white scrambled egg, omlettes or pancakes with oats rather than flour are a great protein food, using just 1 yolk to 2 or 3 whites.

Now, from a client of mine, here’s what to do with the yolks, apart from make ice-cream that is. Mind you making homemade ice-cream is an indulgence, but at least you know exactly what’s in it. Portion control is key.
Back to egg yolks. Freeze them until needed. Mix 2-3 egg yolks, 1 dstp vinegar. Blend. Add olive oil (lighter coloured) and blend again – add enough for a smooth non-drip consistency. It can stay in fridge for up to 3 days. Coat hair and leave for desired time.
Perfect, hair conditioner!!

May 2011

A pancake recipe idea from one of my clients, Kenny McGavin: Three egg whites, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, pureed blueberry and seed mix/goji berry pancake! Topped with yoghurt and raspberries... 'It was the best I've made to date!' - Kenny

April 2011
Johns Trekking Challenge:

I have been helping John Adams with his training and now this Month he is off to Nepal to climb Mera Peak which is the highest trekking peak in the world at approximately 21,500 feet high. He is raising money for St Columba's Hospice, as John says, "Because cancer touches just about everyone in one way or another".

Click here to visit John's website

March 2011
Pancake Day 8th March:

Here’s my favorite pancake mix idea. It's high protein, great slow release carbs, low in fat and tastes good too.


3 eggs whites, 1 yolk, 1 small banana, 3 rounded desert spoons of fine milled oats, 1 rounded Linwoods fine milled nuts and seeds, use extra virgin spray oil in pan, cook slowly. Top with mixed berries and low fat yogurt


Pancake mix as above minus the banana. Topping ideas: tomatoes, spinach, watercress, rocket, cottage cheese, salmon, parmesan shavings. Try some different combinations.

National Salt Awareness Week 21st to 27th March:

There is strong evidence that links our current high salt intakes to high blood pressure. The recommended limit for adults is 6g a day and if you eat processed foods, crisps and ready meals it’s easy to go over that. Have a look at the link to find out more.
Click to view the Consensus Action On Salt And And Health website

European Summertime Begins:

Clocks go forward on Sunday 27th March so that will give us more daylight to get out there and enjoy the parks and cycle paths of Edinburgh and get some great exercise in at the same time.

Febrauary 2011
Eternal Youth ?:

Here’s a new study giving yet another great reason to get training.
"Regular exercise can delay the aging process by Lin Edwards" from

January 2011
Boxercise / Kickboxercise Class:

A combination of hand - eye coordination, balance and timing in a fun and energetic class, open to all abilities.

Price: - £6 per session.

Must be pre-booked, limited places available Call Tyla on 07802 749 901 to find out more and to book your place.

New Year New You.

December 2010
Gift Vouchers:

New boxed Massage Therapy and Personal Training gift vouchers available to buy online with PayPal / Credit / Debit Card, or by Cheque (payable to Tyla Wilson and mailed to Therapie, 36 Sandport Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6EP)
A great Christmas gift with £5 off all Massage Vouchers plus up to 15% off for Personal Training packages.

Click Here To Buy Your Gift Vouchers Online

November 2010
NEW Client Testimonial Added:

FITNESS GURU!! I first went to Tyla after I failed a number of fitness tests at work, I was desperate to improve my fitness levels and fast. I was instantly impressed with Tyla's energy and professionalism, she was just what I needed. The sessions I have with Tyla never feel like a chore, I look forward to them as she is always giving me new things to try. Tyla's personal work space is great as it gives you privacy to work out, knowing no one is watching you. Tyla is full of energy and her love of fitness is infectious, I certainly aspire to be like her. After seeing Tyla regularly for only 6 weeks I passed my fitness tests at work and more importantly regained my confidence in my fitness ability. I couldn't recommend her enough as a personal trainer and all round fitness/healthy living guru!! MORE

Top Foods to Keep You Young
It’s good to see that dark chocolate and red wine is in there too. MORE

October 2010
NEW Boxercise Video:

Boxercise have posted a useful video of how to wrap your hands on YouTube. Here is the video for short hand wraps Here is the video for long hand wraps (including duct tape) MORE

September 2010
Physical activity can reduce the genetic predisposition to obesity by 40 percent:

Although the whole population can benefit from a physically active lifestyle, in part through reduced obesity risk, a new study shows that individuals with a genetic predisposition to obesity can benefit even more... MORE

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Clinical trial confirms effectiveness of simple appetite control method:

Drinking more water before meals can help promote weight loss. Credit: Mammamaart Has the long-sought magic potion in society's "battle with the bulge" finally arrived?

An appetite-control agent that requires no prescription, has no common side effects, and costs almost nothing?

Scientists today reported results of a new clinical trial confirming that just two 8-ounce glasses of the stuff, taken before meals, enables people to shed pounds.

The weight-loss elixir, they told the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), is ordinary water... MORE

August 2010
The Edinburgh Festival is here so have a walk up and down the Royal mile taking in the sights. After a hard days exploring come to Therapie on the Shore to relax and unwind with a pampering massage, try Swedish, Sports or Hot Stone Massage Therapy... MORE

July 2010
Antony Gormley's Water of Leith Statues:

Apart from the sunny weather, here is another good reason to get out and explore the Water of Leith cycle paths. Figures of 6: Antony Gormley's 6 Times 6 Times, a sculptural project by the celebrated British artist Antony Gormley and commissioned by the National Galleries of Scotland, comprises six life-size figures positioned between the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the sea. Four of the figures are sited in the Water of Leith, acting as gauges for the height of the river as it swells and recedes. This is the first time that a work in the National Galleries collection has been permanently located across the city of Edinburgh itself... MORE

June 2010
Chocolate milk is a 'natural' for post-exercise recovery:

One of the best post-exercise recovery drinks could already be in your refrigerator, according to new research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference this week. In a series of four studies, researchers found that chocolate milk offered a recovery advantage to help repair and rebuild muscles, compared to specially designed carbohydrate sports drinks... MORE

Experts agree that the two-hour window after exercise is an important, yet often neglected, part of a fitness routine. After strenuous exercise, this post-workout recovery period is critical for active people at all fitness levels - to help make the most of a workout and stay in top shape for the next workout.

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May 2010
Train In The Great Outdoors:

'Green' exercise quickly 'boosts mental health'
Just five minutes of exercise in a "green space" such as a park can boost mental health, researchers claim.. MORE

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